More than just a supplier — a Resource

Design AssistanceDelivering exactly the right parts on time, every time is just the beginning.

At AMCO, we pride ourselves on being much more than a simple components supplier.  By offering a broad array of value-added services, we have become a valuable resource to our clients in the areas of design assistance, logistics, materials management, and production support.

With our relentless focus on efficiency and prudent application of modern technology, we have repeatedly been able to assist our clients in maximizing the return on their Class C purchasing expenditures.  From the early stages of product design through preliminary testing and on to final production, we are available to assist you every step of the way.


Design assistance – Selecting the best fastening solution for a particular application involves much more than simply understanding the mechanical characteristics of assembled joints (though this is, of course, a minimum requirement).  Often, the key to success is combining that technical information with an up-to-date working knowledge of the ever-changing components supply industry.  It is during the early stages of design that the greatest opportunities for real-world cost savings can be found.

Metric Conversion – For many companies with existing designs based on the English (inch) System, the process of converting these designs to the metric (SI) system can be a daunting task.  The project involves more than simply multiplying a few dimensions by the appropriate conversion factors.  Materials and components must be converted to metric equivalents that are actually available in the market, and that requires an intimate knowledge of the metric components industry that many companies new to the metric system simply do not have.

Materials Management Solutions

Design AssistanceVendor Managed Inventory (VMI) – Vendor Managed Inventory (or VMI) programs have become increasingly popular in recent years.  And while no two VMI implementations are exactly the same, they generally share the same objectives: to reduce costs and improve the reliability of the supply chain for the manufacturer.  By eliminating or drastically reducing the client’s time and resources spent on those activities that do not directly add value, procurement and material handling tasks become significantly more efficient.  Targeted activities include but are not limited to:

  • Receiving
  • Inspection
  • Placing large numbers of low-value purchase orders
  • Processing large numbers of low-value invoices and payments
  • Repeat handling of the same items

“Just In Time” (JIT) Delivery Programs 
– Before the relatively recent rise in popularity of VMI programs, AMCO partnered with a number of their clients to develop custom JIT programs which continue to perform very well today.  JIT programs often provide a better fit when the circumstances involve greater distances, multiple facilities with differing requirements, lower volumes, irregular production schedules, or when security restrictions preclude on-site service.

Custom Kitting and Packaging
 – AMCO provides a full range of custom kitting, packaging, and labeling services.  From small poly bags to 1/4-keg cartons, with optionally bar-coded labels (virtually all symbologies) custom printed to meet your specifications.