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As fastening technology has become increasingly sophisticated and the market has become increasingly global in nature, the use of specialized assembly components has skyrocketed. AMCO continues to be a leading provider of innovative, non-standard fastening solutions and class C components from a variety of sources, both domestic and off-shore. Whether your application requirements are marginally unique or fully custom engineered, AMCO is the source you’ve been looking for.

Just a few examples
Indented Hex Head Double Sems Class 8.8 (JIS B1187)
Fine-Thread and Extra Fine-Thread Socket Cap Screws (DIN 912)
Class 10.9 Socket Head Cap Screws (DIN 912)
Class 12.9 Hex Head Cap Screws (DIN 933 and 931)
Class 8.8 Double-end Studs (DIN 939) Plain and Zinc Plated
Zinc Plated Socket products (Button Heads, Flat Heads, and normal Socket Heads)
Low Head Socket Cap Screws (DIN 6912 and 7984)
Brass Machine Screws and Nuts
Eye Bolts (DIN 580) Up to a 80mm diameter and even in A2 or A4 stainless steel
Nylon Insert Acorn Nuts (DIN 986)
Hex Set Screws with Dog Point (DIN 561)
Flange Button Head Socket Cap Screws (ISO 7380 ULF)
Structural Bolts, Nuts, and Washers (DIN 6914, 6915, and 6916)
Flange All Metal Lock Nuts (DIN 6927)
Castle Nuts (DIN 935)
Hex Thin Castle Nuts (DIN 937)
Wing Nuts and Bolts (DIN 315 and 316)
Carriage Bolts (DIN 603 and 604)
T-Bolts (DIN 186)
Lifting Eye Nuts (DIN 582)
Hex Fit Bolts (DIN 610)
Slotted Flat Point Set Screws (DIN 551)
Class 12.9 Treaded Rod (DIN 975)
Tab Washers (DIN 93)
Pipe Nuts (DIN 431)
Hex Cap Nuts (DIN 917)
Square Weld Nuts (DIN 928)
Hex Weld Nuts (DIN 929)
Hex Wood Screws (DIN 571)
Button Head Screws with Internal Six-lobe Drive with or without Flange
Low Head Socket Cap Screws with Six-lobe Drive