So Much More

And So Much More

For over forty years, AMCO has been known as the Metric Fastener Specialist — a title we proudly retain even today.  But over the years, we have evolved into much, much more.

Today’s AMCO Enterprises is a first-tier supplier of a broad range of hardware and industrial supply components well beyond traditional fasteners — and our range of products and services is growing every day.

Above all else, it is our approach to doing business that sets us apart.  We’re here first and foremost to be a solutions provider to our clients.  And that means we always strive to be in a position to offer them the products and services they need, whatever that may be.

Contact us today and let us know what we can to for you.  We’re here to help!

Just a few examples
Spacers, standoffs
Bearings, bushings, thrust washers
Handles, latches, pulls
Hole plugs
Hose clamps, tube clamps
Tapes, die-cut friction strips
Stops, bumpers, vibration dampers
Turnbuckles, D-rings, lifting hardware
Tools, taps, dies
Vinyl caps
O-rings, gaskets, grommets
Spacers, standoffs
Cable ties, heat shrink tubing, wire sleeves
Terminals, wire nuts
Toroid cores
Strain reliefs
Clamp-on shaft collars
Unions, fittings, barbed fittings
Poly bags
Magnetic pipe plugs
In-vehicle electronics mounting systems